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We sell a variety of conscientious fuels that do as little harm to the environment as possible – for example, we refuse to sell wet wood or dirty, old-fashioned coal as there are modern, cleaner alternatives available. We’re not waiting for dirty products to be banned – we just won’t sell them!

Whether you’re looking for something to light the fire initially, or keep the flames going, we’ve got a fuel source for all our stoves and burners, except the electricity or natural gas, although we do provide bottled gas! Whether you’re looking to have a barbeque, a heating stove or a cooker at home, we’ve got your fuel covered- a true one-stop-shop for all your fire needs.

We also offer a regular or a one-off delivery service for our fuels, giving you the convenience of staying at home, providing you with more time in front of your burner instead of hunting down fuel for it. We offer regular Calor Gas deliveries using our own team, while our smokeless solid fuels and seasoned logs are delivered monthly, in-bulk, by our friendly, local partner.

Local Calor Gas Supplier

We’re an official Calor Retailer and offer their full range of domestic and commercial bottled gas solutions, including regular replacement services.

BBQ Gas comes in Green Bottles of Propane Gas.

Portable Energy Gas comes in Blue Bottles of Butane Gas.

Patio Gas comes in Green Bottles of Propane Gas.

Home Energy and Static Caravan Gas comes in Red Bottles of Propane Gas.

Regular Calor Gas Deliveries

We can offer a regular, contracted delivery service to make sure you never run out of fuel. We’ll deliver on a set, regular date and help to keep your flames burning without you leaving the house. Our delivery service is managed in-house and operated by our team of friendly and helpful staff.

One-off Calor Gas Deliveries

If you’re in need of fuel, and cannot come to collect it, or your order is too large for your vehicle to handle, we can help with a one-off delivery to your doorstep. Our delivery service is managed in-house and operated by our team of friendly and helpful staff.

Seasoned Wood Supplier

We only sell Seasoned Wood – responsible wood that has less moisture content, burns for longer, and is much better for the environment as it burns more effectively and releases far less of the harmful particulates into the atmosphere. Coupled with a modern stove, burning wood has never been so clean!

Well seasoned wood can be identified by checking the ends of the logs. If they are dark in colour and cracked, they are well seasoned and dry. This wood weighs less than wet wood, and sounds hollow when you hit two pieces together. If you can see any green coloured bits or the bark is hard to peel, then the log is not yet dry enough to burn.

Our seasoned wood has a moisture content no higher than 20%, and we can deliver directly to you at home within a 15 mile radius of our showroom.

Firelighters and Kindling Wood Supplier

We offer a range of fire lighting products to help you get the flames going initially, and kindling wood to start the fire burning nicely while the seasoned logs start to burn.

Smokeless Solid Fuel Supplier

We don’t sell dirty, old fashioned coal. While it hasn’t been banned yet, we don’t agree with it being used in today’s conscientious age of being nicer to the environment. So we don’t sell peat, lignite or bituminous varieties of coal.

We only sell smokeless fuels, like manufactured smokeless coal and anthracite.

Anthracite, or hard coal, is a hard, extremely dense and compact variety of coal that has a submetallic luster, and a high calorific value of around 9.2kWh/Kg. It has the highest carbon content, the fewest impurities, and the highest energy density of all types of coal, burning slowly without generating smoke.

Manufactured smokeless solid fuel – or smokeless coal – is manufactured by firstly grinding down naturally occurring anthracite into powder before reforming it into briquettes by combining the powder with a smokeless binding agent.

Both smokeless coal and anthracite are suitable for use in multi-fuel stoves and cookers. We sell both, and we can deliver directly to you at home within a 15 mile radius of our showroom.

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