Electric Fires

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Electric fires are a great alternative to using fossil fuels at home to create a warmth to snuggle up in front of – and we’ve got everything from the traditional to the contemporary – looking like a fire without any flames.

It is important to choose the right kW Output for your room size so that you can get the most out of your stove without overheating your room. You can leave the maths to us, or use our kW Calculator by clicking [HERE], then choose a suitable size stove for the space you’re looking to heat.**

Modern electric fires come with technology to create a variety of flame effects, with some having the effect of smoke coming from the fire using water vapour to further enhance the experience without omitting any harmful gases or burning any fuels in your home. Electric fires can look like your favourite style of traditional stove or take on a contemporary look.

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Showing all 11 results