Stove EcoFans

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All stoves produce radiated heat from the fire box to warm the space they’re in, but some stoves also have a built-in convection function which pushes hot air into your room, heating your space much quicker and more efficiently.

For those stoves without a built-in convection heating function, there is a solution; the Ecofan – a self-powering fan that pushes heat from around the hot stove into your open space.

The geeky bit: Ecofans use thermoelectric technology to convert a temperature difference into electricity. At the center of an Ecofan is a unique thermoelectric module. The patented Ecofan design creates a hot side and a cold side on the module and when this happens, a principle called the “Seebeck Effect” causes electrons to flow within the module and electricity is generated to operate the fan!

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Showing all 3 results