Ropes & Seals for Stoves

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Rope seals used on stoves are made from materials that are both soft and heat resistant. If you were to use normal rope to replace the one that comes with your stove, you would likely cause a house fire very quickly!

We offer a range of different size stove rope seals for self-installation, along with the glue that may be necessary to secure your rope in position.

As for flue pipe seals: if the seal on your flue pipe has been damaged or started to break up, then a repair probably isn’t the best solution, as there is likely to be other hidden damage within your flue system that you cannot see or repair – in this instance you should consider a replacement flue system to ensure your household’s safety and ensure efficient airflow and fuel consumption.

We’re here to advise you and offer a full HETAS Registered Installation Service for replacement flues, along with our Building Service if necessary.

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Showing all 4 results