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We stock, sell and completely install the best range cookers and cooking stoves – covering all fuel types – to create that warm and cosy cooking experience you’ve always dreamed of. Choose from wood burners or multi-fuel stoves for a real flaming fire, or go for the look and feel without the soot and choose a brilliant natural gas or LPG fuelled cooker as a modern substitute to burning solid fuels. Alternatively, we have a range of electric cookers that give out the heat without burning anything in your home. Whatever your flame – it’s your flavour!

Cooking with Electric

Electric cookers are a great alternative to using fossil fuels at home to create lovely dinners without the need for topping up the fuel to keep the heat going.

Cooking with Multi-Fuel

Multi-fuel cookers use either wood or coal to create the heat to cook on, giving you the traditional flaming atmosphere to cook with. These stoves are designed with an adjustable griddle at the bottom to allow for either wood or coal fuel to be used.

Cooking with Wood

Wood burning cookers use seasoned wood to create the heat to cook on – and we’ve got everything from the traditional to the contemporary – giving you the traditional flaming atmosphere to cook with.

Wood burns from the top, so you can’t burn charcoal or coal on these as they are designed specifically to get the most efficient burn from seasoned wood, allowing for the cleanest possible flame and longer lasting fires from a single log.

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Showing all 12 results